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Kerry Graham

Crystal Healer, Crystal Dreamer Facilitator

Kerry has been a crystal lover her whole life and still has the piece of tiger eye that her great grandmother gave her as a child. Crystals have always fascinated her, but she never knew why. In 2019, Kerry came across something called Crystal Healing that really intrigued her and she chose to learn all she could about it. Through learning about crystals, Kerry has learned a great deal about herself and what she wants. Through her crystal education, Kerry coincidentally discovered Crystal Dreaming. It is through this modality that she has uncovered a clear path for herself and that path becomes clearer and more pronounced through every session she has. Kerry has overcome blockages and learned ways which she can help others to do so as well. She is an empathic practitioner with a passion for helping others.

Kerry's Services: 

Crystal Healing

In a Crystal Healing session, I utilize crystals and their unique vibrations to entrain the energetic vibrations of your body. I use this energy to clear your chakras and refill them with divine light, love, and energy. This clearing, cleansing, balancing, and renewal clears the way for the natural healing processes of the mind and body to take place. 

Sessions can be as long as 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes. They can be a simple chakra cleanse, or we can work on specific issues and tailor the session to your specific needs.

Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming: a voyage that transforms lives...


Since 1994, Crystal Dreaming has been expanding consciousness.

Thirty years ago, Raym Richards created the drug-free, non-touch shamanic journey technique known as Crystal Dreaming. 

I will help you gently transition into an expanded level of awareness as you lie in a special crystal mandala.​

Through your special drug-free shamanic adventure.

Crystal Dreaming is a transformative journey. 

The practice of crystal dreaming can help identify and address problems that are arising right now but have their origins in a different time and place, usually in previous lifetimes or alternate planes, and are commonly related to unresolved emotional trauma. 

You will enter an expanded state when your inner adventure of Crystal Dreaming takes place. In this heightened consciousness it is possible to reach a level of complete joy after eliminating any energies that are not fully in alignment with unconditional love. This is when significant emotional and spiritual healing may take place.  

Crystal Dreaming can help you find your life's purpose and often results in a joyous reunion with the Divine consciousness. You have a wonderful chance to purposefully activate and align with your life purpose in perfect harmony with the rest of creation through your special drug-free shamanic adventure.

Sessions with Crystal Dreaming can have enormous effects.


Sessions can last up to two hours.

Advanced Crystal Dreaming

During this journey, as an Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, I expand on your behalf and search your body, house, and/or workplace for anything that isn't completely in line with unconditional love. Together, with your help, we will find and dissolve the source of any agreements that are retaining these energies.

I will make sure they are taken out safely. 

This method works well for clearing space, healing from a distance, and for people who find it difficult to enter an expanded state when using traditional Crystal Dreaming. It can be used with clients who are incapacitated and has even been used in end-of-life transitions. 

Meetings can last up to an hour.

Disclaimer for All Services

The energy healing modalities listed are not a cure for any medical or psychological conditions and do not take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Please follow the advice of a medical professional and use crystal healing and/or Crystal Dreaming modalities as complimentary therapies only.

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