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Cara Marino

OTR/L and Holistic Herbalist

Cara Marino, with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Health Sciences, has been a practicing OT for six years. Her role focuses on enhancing functional performance and life quality. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she became a certified holistic herbalist to educate the community about herbal medicine's benefits, addressing the side effects of the "quick fix" mentality in western medicine. While valuing western medicine, she emphasizes interdisciplinary communication and the complexity of health.

She founded Green Enchantments, LLC, handcrafting herbal remedies, integrating her therapy knowledge with preventative medicine. Her business aims to correct misconceptions about health caused by pop culture and western medicine, promoting a holistic view of health, including spiritual well-being. Green Enchantments caters to adults and advises parents of teens, offering aid for various conditions like Hashimoto's, fibromyalgia, anxiety, ADHD, and more. Cara bridges allopathic and holistic approaches, prioritizing safety in holistic services to mitigate illness or injury risks.

Cara's Services: 

"Quicky" Herbal Consult

Utilize this time for a quick question-based consultation to formulate an herbal remedy that suits your basic daily routine. We will create 1-2 herbal formulas based on your wellness needs. Herbal remedies are not included in consult fee.

Standard Herbal Consult

Provides adequate time to create an in-depth occupational profile using

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) paradigm on your health and wellness needs, strengths, and deficits in conjunction with pre-existing conditions that are impacting your daily routine. Here we create a long-term individualized program with up to 2 or more herbal remedies that are focused on your primary and secondary health goals. Herbal remedies are not included in consultation fee.

Follow up appointment

Based on client: Provide modifications to your current health program, discuss a new added health element to your program, or to schedule sessions regarding sensory grounding techniques or exercise techniques (modifications provided as needed). 

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